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North Carolina mortgage lenders are not all the same: National Home Finance invites you to compare before you choose. Buying real property is one of the largest investments most people ever make. Among mortgage lenders in North Carolina, you need a lender that offers expert guidance, is trustworthy, and has been fully vetted by official licensing boards. That’s why it is always wise to shop and compare.

For starters, North Carolina is actually a Deed of Trust state, but since most people refer to it as a “mortgage,” we will do so here purely for ease of understanding. You won’t find any companies that are called “Deed of Trust Lenders” even though that would be the correct term for our state.

A North Carolina mortgage lender should be able to help you with any type of mortgage loan you seek, whether that is a Jumbo loan, Conventional, Fixed Rate, Adjustable, Refinance, or federal home loan program. Be wary of those that say they can only help you with one type of loan!

Use the North Carolina Commissioner of Banks search tool to check if a North Carolina mortgage lender, broker, servicer, or loan officer has been granted a license. In this way, you can rule out many unscrupulous “lenders” right away.

Ask around and check online. If you visit our website, we tell you right up front who we are, everything we offer, and exactly where we are located. That is how it should be – no fuzzy details! We want you to come visit us at our modern offices – our door is always open for you during business hours.
Call today to find out our best rates and compare them to what others offer. Some companies don’t want you to see the lower prevailing rates but we roll them continually across our website.

Once you’ve done all your due diligence, you will find that:
National Home Finance, LLC is a reputable mortgage brokerage located in Wilmington, NC.  We are currently licensed in North Carolina and Florida with Virginia pending and adding more states in 2014.

Our licensed mortgage loan originators are fully trained to:
•    Originate residential mortgage loans with the appropriate amounts, rates and terms
•    Follow up with customers in a friendly, professional manner
•    Provide assistance to applicants in solving any problems from application to settlement
•    Maintain compliance with all industry federal and state licensing requirements
•    Provide superior customer service
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